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Copyright Theft

Perhaps we should be flattered by the number of people including dealers who continually infringe our IP (Intellectual Property) rights by using our copyright images, but we do not find it amusing, and will take legal action against any copyright thieves.

MAK Precious Metals is just one of the many coin dealers, bloggers & websites worldwide who commit copyright theft by using our copyright images without our permission. On their website, a page of which we reproduce here, they are clearly using many of our Russian 15 Roubles image.

Sample Listing

Selling Gold & Silver Coins

M.A.K Precious Metals is comitted to the highest buy back for your Gold and Silver Coins in Australia. Listed below is our current rates for our most commonly traded coins. Rates are the same for all customers Australia wide. You can sell your coins at any of our offices.

What’s Wrong?

M.A.K. Precious Metals copied no fewer than nine images from us. Not once, but repeatedly infringing copyright. We have invested many years worth of time, money and energy creating images for our website.

It is dishonest and unethical to pirate and steal other people’s work by using high quality copyright photographs without the owner’s consent. We can partially understand why they do it; it is quick and easy (but then so is robbing people).

Integrity, Experience, Trust

MAK Precious Metals markets itself with the words ‘Integrity, Experience, Trust’. These are words that they would like their customers to believe are true. Unfortunately their actions suggest otherwise. We would argue that using the work of another as ones own shows little integrity. From our experience, we find those lacking in integrity, are difficult to trust.


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