eBay Top Rated Sellers Highest Feedback Members and Copyright Abuse

Highest eBay Feedback Members & PowerSellers in Copyright Abuse

eBay feedback is no indication of honesty or integrity judging by the number of high rollers & Power Sellers who steal our copyright images. We name & shame the top scorers.
As you may guess, most of the eBay high feedback members who steal our images are so-called PowerSellers.

eBay PowerSellers
eBay describes PowerSellers as ‘business sellers consistently offering excellent service and professionalism’. They also describe the programme as ‘helping sellers grow their eBay business and to reward those upholding the highest service standards‘.

‘Sellers interested in joining need to be registered as a business on eBay and meet the eligibility requirements for sales volume, performance standard, policy compliance and account standing.’ (It doesn’t mention anything about honesty or copyright abuse).

In return, sellers are given access to a higher level of discounts and benefits. This includes a higher ranking on search results and the ‘Top-rated’ seller badge in search results and on each of their items.



eBay’s Champion Copyright Image Thieves:

EstateJewelry66 Twin City Gold of Biddeford, Maine, United States
PowerSeller with over 25,242 feedback (as of 4th July, 2011) stealing our images!

Top Table of High Rolling eBay Image Thieves

Rank Feedback* Member ID
1 100,840 andy_jack
2 14,610 numisbur1
3 11,854 gold-shop-2007
4 6,203 lockstockandcoins
5  4,157 lgs-retail

Feedback* = At last update of this page.

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